Duke will play Washington in Final Four, according to Duke shirt

If you want a hideously ugly, factually inaccurate shirt to celebrate Duke's first Final Four appearance since 2004, the Duke University Campus Store has the garment for you.

A shirt currently for sale on the school's Web site has Washington, Syracuse and Northern Iowa joining the Blue Devils in the Final Four. Obviously the graphic was worked up before the Sweet 16 and somebody rushed to get it on the site to take immediate advantage of rubes willing to spend $20 on it.

It's an honest mistake, but why couldn't someone have made some mock-ups after Friday's games? There were only eight Final Four possibilities, assuming a Duke win.

Another, somewhat unrelated, question is whether this will sell at Duke. If I were a Butler fan, I'd be ordering Final Four gear until my credit card was declined. But Duke fans? They should only be ordering stuff for championships. A Final Four is old hat to them. Or maybe, for the first time in my life, I'm giving Dukies too much credit.

The shirt is made in Honduras and won't ship until March 30, presumably so Nike can get an updated copy of the bracket down to its swea -- uh -- factories.

Update: The site has since added the disclaimer that the shirt is for "illustrative purposes only."

Thanks, Huffington Post

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