His draft stock isn't good, so Dee Bost wants to try college again

It's not unusual for prospects to acknowledge they regret leaving college early after the NBA Draft, but former Mississippi State point guard Dee Bost is one of the few willing to admit it beforehand.

According to the Jackson Clarion Ledger, Bost has re-enrolled at classes at Mississippi State and plans to ask the NCAA for reinstatement even though he did not remove his name from the draft by the May 8 deadline. Presumably Bost had not hired an agent, though the Clarion Ledger report doesn't specify that.

The outcome of Bost's petition will set a significant precedent because he is the first player in his predicament to attempt to regain his eligibility. A ruling in Bost's favor would suggest future players who file similar petitions would receive lenience, but it seems pretty unlikely the NCAA will forgo its rules in this case.

The one advantage Bost may have in his argument is the heavy criticism the NCAA has received for pushing the deadline to withdraw from the draft all the way up to May 8. The move was designed to help coaches figure out what players would be on their rosters sooner, but it left potential draft prospects without enough time to conduct workouts with NBA teams and get feedback on their draft stock.

Still, the most likely outcome of this story is that Bost will serve as a cautionary tale for prospects who leave school too early with no hope of earning an NBA paycheck.

He wavered all the way up until the May 8 deadline and didn't even notify Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury of his decision until the next day. Right now, it appears he made the wrong choice.

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