Did Bobby Knight fall asleep on live television?

During a live segment at the Final Four, crotchety ex-coach Bobby Knight was caught with his eyes closed and his head buried in his hand when ESPN cameras cut back to his panel. Fellow analyst Digger Phelps had to nudge Knight to rouse him from his mid-show snooze.

The folks at Business Insider think Knight was surely sleeping. We're not as sure. Maybe he was reading and closing his eyes to shut him off from whatever Len Elmore was babbling about. Knight is tapping his left hand and doesn't jolt awkwardly when Digger pokes him. Plus, we'd imagine he's someone who takes kindly to be awoken while sleeping.

But so what if he was passed out? Falling asleep in public while sitting in an uncomfortable position is practically a prerequisite for visiting New Orleans.

Thanks, Business Insider

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