Dee Bost compounds a bad decision with a worse explanation

It was foolish of Dee Bost to let the deadline to withdraw from the NBA draft pass without removing his name, but the Mississippi State guard's biggest mistake is his explanation for how it happened.

Instead of arguing that this year's earlier cutoff date didn't give him enough time to evaluate his draft stock properly, Bost will reportedly appeal to regain his college eligibility on the grounds that he didn't know about the new deadline. The NCAA moved up its deadline to withdraw from the draft from mid-June to May 8 this year in hopes of giving coaches more time to deal with the fallout.

Bost's bizarre story turns what already was an unlikely appeal into a one-in-a-million long shot. The new deadline certainly didn't give players enough time to attend workouts or receive feedback from NBA teams, but a lack of publicity was not one of its problems.

The Mississippi State coaching staff had to have informed Bost about that rule dozens of times. And even if the Bulldogs weren't as diligent about that as they could have been, Bost doesn't belong on a college campus if he wasn't capable of researching it himself.

Bost could have drummed up a little support for his case by arguing that the new deadline put him and other prospects this season in a tough spot.

Instead by arguing that he didn't even know about it at all, he's giving the NCAA no reason whatsoever not to enforce its rule.

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