Daughter’s 21st birthday latest excursion for Rick Pitino and national championship trophy

Rick Pitino appears to have adopted an NHL mentality after winning the national championship last month. Just as they do in hockey with the Stanley Cup, Pitino has taken the national championship trophy along on a few adventures.

The latest was a trip to Florida to celebrate his daughter Jacqueline's 21st birthday. Pitino, his daughter and several friends posed for the picture above in Fort Lauderdale at Cafe Martorano.(h/t busted coverage.com)

Pitino also took the trophy on a recent trip to the Bahamas where he caught an 80-pound marlin. It's good to be Pitino these days and it's fun to see him enjoying the spoils of victory. Most Pitino's peers would probably have the trophy locked away in some glass case by now.

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