A crazy pro-am highlight courtesy of UNC's John Henson

Summer pro-am basketball is usually about as painful to watch as a "Dancing with the Stars" marathon, but North Carolina's John Henson did provide one highlight that would have been worth the price of admission.

In a Greater N.C. Pro-Am game in Durham on Tuesday, Henson drives to the rim, gets caught in the air by the help defense and throws up a no-look, one-handed, over-the-head prayer. Improbably, it banks in, leading the ever-excitable Henson to gesture to the crowd and smile guiltily because he'd just scored a bucket he knew he didn't deserve.

Maybe the best aspect of this video for North Carolina fans is that you can see some of Henson's efforts to put on muscle are working. No, he won't be mistaken for Dwight Howard anytime soon, but the spindly 6-foot-10 freshman said a month ago that he was up to 207 pounds with a goal of reaching 215 by the end of the summer.

Henson is playing on the same team as North Carolina incoming freshmen Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock. The trio combined for 73 of their team's 76 points in an overtime victory on Tuesday night, with highly decorated Barnes leading the way with a game-high 31.

Of course, as commenter kamogh007 pointed out, there was at least one moment of pro-am action that probably won't make Henson's personal highlight reel. Henson looks as though he's trying to stay out of a poster with his feeble attempt to block this dunk attempt from 6-foot-3 guard C.J. Wilkerson of North Carolina Central.

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