A convicted killer's last words: 'Boomer Sooner'

Whereas Kentucky has actress Ashley Judd, USC has comedian Will Farrell and Notre Dame has talk show host Regis Philbin, Oklahoma boasts a celebrity fan of a completely different sort.

Meet 50-year-old Jeffrey Landrigan, an infamous convicted killer who has been on death row in Arizona for more than two decades.

Asked if he had any last words prior to his execution via lethal injection on Tuesday night, Landrigan offered a salute to Oklahoma that surely had the school's marketing department cringing. The Arizona Republic reports that the Oklahoma native thanked his friends and family for their support before concluding with that well-known school slogan, "Boomer Sooner."

Landrigan was convicted of murdering Chester Dyer of Phoenix in a robbery. A federal judge in Arizona blocked the execution after questioning whether it might be unsafe, but the Supreme Court reversed that decision.

As you might imagine, Texas and Oklahoma State fans, and supporters of other schools are already having some fun with this story. "Is it wrong that I literally laughed out loud when I read this headline?" joked one commenter. "You [think] OU will use this on recruiting visits?" wrote another.

To be fair to Oklahoma, it should be noted that Landrigan was a fan but not an alum. Still, a proud moment for Sooners nation, this was not.

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