Colorado’s student section rewarded with a trip to In-N-Out Burger

After Colorado overwhelmed the Pac-12 and stole the conference's automatic NCAA bid with a 53-51 win over Arizona in the championship game, the school's student section, C-Unit, stormed the local In-N-Out Burger to celebrate - on athletic director Mike Bohn's tab.

Bohn, who had been responsible for flying 50 members of the student section out on the team's charter, dedicated Colorado's improbable win to the students and even allowed one of them to be the first to cut down the net at the Staples Center with the rest of the Buffs following the win.

Then he gathered up all the students - those who chartered down and those who made the trip on their own - loaded three charter buses and took over an In-and-Out Burger. When the carnage was over, Bohn fitted the $600 bill.