Coach K responds to Obama's NCAA tournament picks

Mike Krzyzewski doesn't like it when his Duke team gets disrespected by referees, poll voters or the media. Now he can add "leader of the free world" to that list.

Responding to an Associated Press reporter's question about Barack Obama picking against Duke in his much-hyped tournament picks which were broadcast on ESPN today, Krzyzewski said:

"Somebody said that we're not in President Obama's Final Four, and as much as I respect what he's doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets."

It's rare that I agree with Coach K, but I do here. And, in doing so, I also have to say that as much as I respect what he's doing at Duke, really, making it to the Sweet 16 for the first time in three years is something that he should focus on, probably more than responding to someone having enough common sense to pick against his overrated team.

There's some chatter that Coach K was speaking in jest, but the AP reporter mentioned nothing about post-comment laughter and Krzyzewski has been long known to take subtle pot-shots at those he is at odds with. The West Point graduate hosted a fundraiser in 2002 for Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole, but received congratulations from Obama after coaching the U.S. basketball team to a gold medal in Beijing.

Krzyzewski's former player, Reggie Love, is the president's "body man" and his presence may be required to broker peace between the warring factions should Duke win the NCAA tournament, thus earning a trip to the White House.

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