C.J. Fair lands awkwardly on Junior Cadougan in scary moment during East Region final

Kyle Ringo
The Dagger: College Basketball Blog

The offensive performance of both teams wasn't the only scary part of the first half of Saturday's Elite Eight game between Marquette and Syracuse.

Marquette senior guard Junior Cadougan drove down the lane for a finger roll layup with 4:16 remaining in the first half. Syracuse forward C.J. Fair came over to challenge the shot and ended up landing on top of Cadougan head and neck.

Cadougan was able to get his head out from under Fair just before his full weight forced his head to the court, but he was still contorted in an unnatural way.

Cadougan could be heard talking to Marquette athletic trainers about his spine while still lying on the court. He was able to sit up and walk off under his own power and was on the floor to start the second half.

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