Butler's Gordon Hayward, aka G-Time, is 'Too Big, Yo'

Gordon Hayward was already the only NBA prospect more accomplished in tennis than basketball as a kid. Now the multi-talented Butler star may also be the only one dabbling in rap.

Adopting the hip-hop alias "G-Time," Hayward joined some buddies during spring break and laid down the third verse in "Too Big, Yo," a rap song they put up on Facebook earlier this month. He removed the video from YouTube after the outside world discovered it, but thanks to Kyle Whelliston at The Mid-Majority the audio is still available so we can all relive its greatness in advance of Butler's first Elite Eight game Saturday against Kansas State. (Hayward's verse starts at 1:44.)

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Hayward isn't exactly a threat to Tupac, Nas or Eminem as rap's best lyricist, his words have at least proven to be somewhat prophetic. A sampling:

But it's not about me, it's about the team;

Going to the tourney with a full head of steam;

'Chip's real close, it's at our back door;

Get a few dubs, we'll be in the Final Four;

Not stopping there, that's not in store;

Push it to the limit, we want more.

Not surprisingly, Hayward has taken plenty of grief from teammates and coaches amused by his newfound talent.

"Gordon is just too big,'' teammate Ronald Nored joked at Friday's press conference. "The rap's not bad. I think Gordon has inspired some other people at Butler to start rapping, so you might see some people coming out with albums. So look for that soon.''

Or as Matt Howard told the Indianapolis Star, "Just as long as he doesn't go Ron Artest on us."

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