Butler will play for the national championship. Amazing

Given all that's happened over the past 16 days, the fact that Butler will be playing in Monday's national championship game isn't much of a surprise. The Bulldogs knocked off top-seeded Syracuse in the Sweet 16, outlasted another favorite in Kansas State to reach the Final Four and was actually favored to beat Michigan State in this national semifinal which, was played 15 minutes away from the school's campus. Heck, Butler had won 20 straight games prior to the NCAA tournament and was ranked No. 11 in the final Associated Press poll of the season. They're no Cinderella.

But step back from a second, take a deep breath and say this to yourself: "Butler is in the national championship game."

Butler -- a school most famous for playing in the same gym where "Hoosiers" was filmed -- plays in a league 95 percent of people still can't name, has a coach who looks like he could have played on those Indiana high school basketball teams and has its roster filled with players that could have anonymously walked around downtown Indianapolis a few days ago -- yeah, they're going to the national championship.

It's nothing short of remarkable.

So over the next 48 hours when you'll hear inevitable tales of how we should have seen this coming, don't buy it. Everything is easy to see in hindsight. Heck, even with it, the Butler Bulldogs playing in the national championship is still pretty amazing.