Broken light forces Division II game to end in a tie … at least for now

Johnson C. Smith guard Joshua Linson gave new meaning to idea of shooting the lights out during Wednesday night's Division II matchup with Winston Salem State.

With the score tied at 76 and less than a second remaining in regulation, Linson launched a 75-foot shot that struck two lights, knocking both out and leaving one dangling only by an unsecured chain. The broken light was enough of a safety issue that officials from both sides decided to end the game as a draw rather than risk injury by starting overtime.

"It was purely a safety thing," Winston Salem State sports information director Kevin Manns said Thursday. "One of the light fixtures was dangling above the court and they were worried it could fall on the court and hurt somebody, so they declared it a safety issue."

Though the tie was the first in the 53-year history of Brayboy Gymnasium, it may not remain that way for long. Manns said both schools have agreed to restart the game on Friday at Johnson C. Smith after the broken lights are fixed in hopes of finally determining a winner.

Restarting the game is critical for Winston Salem State because its league title hopes depend on a victory. The Rams currently trail Livingstone by one and a half games with only one game to play, but they could move within a game if they can defeat Johnson C. Smith when the game restarts.

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