Breakfast buffet: Texas A&M shoots to topple Kansas

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• It doesn't have the months of hype that Kansas' Big Monday showdown with Texas had last week, but isn't there a pretty good chance that the Jayhawks matchup with Texas A&M turns out to be the more entertaining game? The Aggies have won four in a row, they're 13-0 at home this season and they've tied Kansas State for second place in the Big 12. As A&M forward Ray Turner put it, "This is our chance to really earn some respect."

• If UConn didn't have Villanova's full attention before, Wildcats coach Jay Wright got a welcome teaching tool this weekend when favored Syracuse, Georgetown and Notre Dame each fell. Something tells me Wright will warn his own players that the same fate could befall them against the beyond-desperate Huskies on Monday night if they aren't focused and ready.

• Speaking of those Big East upsets, what do you make of Georgetown, which this month alone has toppled Duke and Villanova and lost to South Florida and then, even worse, woeful Rutgers? At the least the Hoyas may have saved Rutgers' head coach Fred Hill's job, but the lack of leadership on this Georgetown team is puzzling and disconcerting.

• Georgetown's loss to Rutgers probably hurt its seeding, but Notre Dame is doing its best to make sure it doesn't even make the NCAA tournament at all. Playing without injured star Luke Harangody, the Irish were unable to win at home against struggling St. John's, dropping them to 17-9, 6-7 and perhaps delivering a knockout blow to their hopes of landing an at-large bid.

• Early quote of the week candidate from St. Louis coach Rick Majerus, whose team spent parts of nine days stranded in Philadelphia as a result of the snowstorm that hit the East Coast. How long was this road trip for the, uh, well-fed Majerus? "At the end, I didn't even want to see a hoagie," he said.

• In the wake of talk that the New Jersey Nets might pursue John Calipari, the Kentucky coach says he's "happy" in Lexington and that "as long as they're committed to me and this basketball program, where would I want to go?" Well, as CBS Sports' Gary Parrish correctly points out, that's neither a firm denial, nor much different than Calipari once said when he was at Memphis ... you know, that school he bolted from last spring?

• What is a ball signed by the entire Bradley Braves basketball team worth? About $10 apparently. That's the amount listed on a police report for the ball, which was apparently stolen from an office at the university's Alumni Center last week. The hungry thief also took $10 worth of Jimmy John's sandwiches. No you can't make this stuff up.

• When Marquez Haynes transferred from Boston College to Texas-Arlington almost three years ago, Mavericks coach Scott Cross called him the best recruit the program had landed during his tenure. Haynes has lived up to those words and then some, averaging an efficient 24.7 points per game as as senior and transforming himself into a legit NBA draft prospect.

• A UConn recruit is having doubts about his choice with coach Jim Calhoun's future beyond this season still in flux. Plus, the recruit shed some light on the stress-related ailment that prevented Calhoun from coaching in seven games this season, saying that the UConn coach told him and his family that "the doctor said he needed a rest because of the games he was losing was high blood pressure."

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