Bowling grade will determine Tennessee forward's eligibility

The only thing preventing former Marquette transfer Jeronne Maymon from making his Tennessee debut against undefeated Pittsburgh on Saturday is that his final grade in one of his five fall semester classes has yet to be posted.

History? Nope. Organic chemistry? Nope. Advanced Calculus? Not that either.

According to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, it's a bowling class that's delaying Maymon's eligibility. The sophomore power forward had to sit out a year after leaving Marquette in Dec. 2009, but he should provide defense, rebounding and toughness off the bench for the Vols assuming he got through bowling class without throwing too many gutter balls.

"All my grades are in; just need one to get posted on the main (web) site," the 6-foot-7 Maymon told the News-Sentinel. "It's exciting, but I'm also a little nervous about playing in the game.''

A quick glance at Tennessee's course catalog shows that the bowling elective Maymon was enrolled in was likely "PYED 206," a one-credit class in the school's Physical Education department. The course description reads: "Introduction to ball selection, approach, spot bowling, rules, scoring, etiquette, and basic terminology necessary for enjoyable recreational bowling."

In addition to bowling, Tennessee's Physical Education department also offers introductory level golf, tennis, softball and volleyball classes for either one or two credits apiece. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a "Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball" class or you know Jim Harrick Jr. would be teaching it.

To be fair to Maymon, the News-Sentinel reports that the communications studies major also took two psychology classes, a communications class and a musicology class this semester in addition to his bowling elective. Thus, while it's funny that he's waiting on a bowling class to become eligible, save the jokes questioning his intelligence because they're out of line.

Maymon certainly isn't the first college kid to earn a credit or two with a flimsy elective. If Matt Leinart can stay eligible taking a two-unit ballroom dancing course, then Maymon shouldn't apologize for his bowling class.

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