Bob Knight drops a verbal bomb on ESPN's College Gameday

If you had to predict that one member of ESPN's Colege Gameday crew would drop an expletive on the air, who would you go with?

It shouldn't be that tough of a choice with Bob Knight around.

That's just what happened during Saturday morning's broadcast from Baylor's Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas. And warning, the video below contains language that's NSFW.

This is just proof that even though he's now a full-time color commentator, Knight is still a coach at heart. After all, this is a guy who regularly induced the bleep button during his storied career on the sidelines.

The mishap, which you probably can't call much of a slip of the tongue for Knight, came while he and Digger Phelps were 'coaching' against each other during a drill on handling situations at the end of a game.

Rece Davis, Jay Bilas and Hubert Davis served as the refs, and even though Davis apologized on air for Knight's choice language, the guys were clearly entertained at the incident — both on camera and on Twitter.

I know a lot of people — especially those in Big 12 country — have been critical of Knight's performance on air. But he's brutally honest and knowledgeable, and when it comes to analyzing basketball on the fly, he's one of the best by default.

Plus, only he can provide gems like this on live television and offend so few.

Ryan Greene also covers UNLV and the Mountain West Conference for the Las Vegas Sun. Read his Rebels coverage and follow him on Twitter.

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