Bill Clinton visits the Louisville locker room after Thursday’s win and gets bunny-eared

A member of the Louisville basketball team gave a former U.S. president bunny ears in the locker room after Thursday night's Big East tournament win over Villanova, and believe it or not, it wasn't Russ Smith.

Irreverent forward Chane Behanan instead was the culprit, putting bunny ears behind Bill Clinton during a group photo as though he and the former president were a pair of buddies in third grade. Surprisingly, Smith just smiles and Waves demurely in the above photo, a far cry from last March when he lived up to his "Russdiculous" nickname by famously bunny-earing coach Rick Pitino during a TV interview after an NCAA tournament win.

Clinton attended the evening session during Thursday's Big East quarterfinals, taking in Louisville's victory over Villanova and Notre Dame's mini-upset of Marquette. According to's Matt Norlander, Clinton and Pitino have a relationship dating back to the 1990s, so the former president opted to stop by the Louisville locker room for about 10 minutes after the Cardinals' 74-55 victory and visit with the players and coaches.

"We all approached him -- very slowly," Behanan told Norlander. "He was telling us about becoming a president, how things were, traveling, and he talked to Gorgui (Dieng) about visiting Senegal, asked what city he (Dieng) was from. I thought I'd never meet a president. An honor and a blessing."

So now Behanan can cross meeting a former president off his bucket list. And, giving a former president bunny ears.

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