Best of Midnight Madness: Wagner forward leaps over his mom and dad

Midnight Madness produces some memorable moments each year, so The Dagger is chronicling the best ones from Friday's lineup all weekend. If you spot something we missed, let us know here or here.

At Wagner's Midnight Madness event last year, Josh Thompson earned top play honors on SportsCenter by leaping over his mom and throwing down a vicious one-handed dunk. This year, the 6-foot-5 forward decided to try to one-up himself. Thompson had both his mom and his dad courageously stand back-to-back, arms folded, in front of the rim, then attempted the same one-handed slam. It didn't go quite as smoothly this year — his right leg caught his dad in the back of the head — but he nonetheless managed to complete the dunk cleanly. And if he was going to catch one of his parents, better it be his dad than his mom.

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