Best of Midnight Madness: Luke Hager leaps over UNC Wilmington’s chancellor

Midnight Madness produces some memorable moments each year, so The Dagger is chronicling the best ones from this year's lineup. If you spot something we missed, let us know here or here.

The bravest person at UNC Wilmington's Midnight Madness event Friday night was school chancellor Gary Miller. He sat in a folding chair in the paint and allowed 6-foot-8 forward Luke Hager to attempt to leap over him during the Seahawks' annual dunk contest. Thankfully Hager cleared him with ease and completed a two-handed dunk via a backboard pass from a teammate, easily the evening's most creative slam. Was Miller nervous prior to the dunk? "Full confidence in Hager!" he tweeted the next morning. If so, Chancellor, perhaps you'll let Hager try to clear you when you're standing up as an encore next October?

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