Best of Midnight Madness: D.J. Byrd pulls one over on unsuspecting Purdue crowd

Midnight Madness produces some memorable moments each year, so The Dagger is chronicling the best ones from Friday's lineup all weekend. If you spot something we missed, let us know here or here.

When Purdue's Midnight Madness event opened with a country singer named Dirk Hunter sitting down at a stool at mid-court and strumming on his guitar, perplexed Boilermakers fans in the crowd had to be wondering who this guy was. Turns out he wasn't some anonymous musician. Hunter removed his wig and straw hat, ripped open his plaid shirt and revealed himself to be senior forward D.J. Byrd. Score for one for Byrd here. Many in the crowd had no clue it was him until they saw the No. 21 jersey beneath his shirt.

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