Best of Midnight Madness: Brittney Griner does a near-360 jam in Baylor’s dunk contest

Midnight Madness produces some memorable moments each year, so The Dagger is chronicling the best ones from Friday's lineup all weekend. If you spot something we missed, let us know here or here.

It's tough to upstage a dunker as accomplished as Baylor's Deuce Bello, but Baylor's Brittney Griner may have done it. Oh sure, the 6-foot-8 Griner didn't clear 7 footer Isaiah Austin the way the high-flying Bello did. But when has a women's basketball player ever competed in a men's slam dunk contest and pulled off a near-360 jam? Believe it or not, Griner was not the only women's basketball player to compete in a dunk contest tonight. Purdue held a women's contest Friday night won by 6-foot-2 forward Sam Ostarello. 

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