Ben Howland joins UCLA students for a game of beer pong at Arizona campout

Some coaches bring pizza and sodas or donuts and coffee to students camping out for floor seats to a big game. UCLA coach Ben Howland went a step further on the eve of Saturday's matchup with Arizona, briefly joining in a beer pong game Friday night outside Pauley Pavilion. Credit the Daily Bruin's Ryan Menezes and Chris Nguyen for snapping the photo of the weekend, and credit Howland too for taking the time to mingle with the students and have a little fun. Howland has a reputation for sometimes being uptight and difficult to connect with, especially as a season nears its crescendo, so UCLA players and fans alike surely enjoyed seeing him cut loose a little bit too. Of course, it's a shame Bill Walton wasn't on hand to lend his thoughts. Howland's most relentless critic no doubt would have called him out for leaning too far over the table or calling for too many re-racks.

(Thanks @SamStrong)

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