Behold, a breakfast cereal mosaic of Kentucky’s Anthony Davis

If cereal mosaics were as celebrated an art form as oil painting, then Danny Palmer might be hailed as the next Vincent Van Gogh.

Palmer, a pencil portrait artist and lifelong Kentucky fan, created a giant picture of future No. 1 draft pick Anthony Davis out of Kix and Reeses Puffs. The end product was so lifelike that it has gone viral since Palmer tweeted out photos of it Thursday evening, landing everywhere from Kentucky-themed blogs, to national websites to SportsCenter.

The entire project took Palmer about two weeks to complete, far longer than he expected when he first started. He told the official company blog for General Mills he used three boxes of both types of cereal to complete the project along with some spray paint to make the hair and eyebrows dark enough.

"I just built the frame, drew and outline and started sticking the pieces with glue," Palmer said. "It's pretty tricky because not all cereal pieces are the same color, but I used that to my advantage to gradually change from light brown to dark."

Anthony Davis has yet to tweet about the cereal mosaic, but it's probably just a matter of time.

He loved having a baby imitate his flight poster earlier this month. Surely he'll also get a kick out of seeing his image in breakfast cereal.

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