Beer truck runs over fire hydrant, delaying Maryland-Va Tech

You know those Bud Light commercials celebrating society's unsung heroes as "Real Men of Genius?"

Well, apparently Mr. Bud Light truck driver guy wouldn't qualify.

A wayward Bud Light truck delayed tipoff of Saturday's Virginia Tech-Maryland game when it knocked over a fire hydrant behind Cassell Coliseum, rupturing a water main and cutting off water pressure inside the arena.

No word yet on whether the driver had been sampling the product, but you're free to laugh at the incident because both he and the beer are unharmed.

Since the arena is without running water or working bathrooms. Virginia Tech has rescheduled what would have been a 4 p.m. EST tipoff for 6:37 p.m. to give workers sufficient time to fix the problem.

The whole situation is probably a huge inconvenience for the players and coaches from both teams, but you have to think the Virginia Tech students are loving it. No running water and a truck full of beer? What more could a college kid want?

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