Awkward moment on live TV for ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb

Anybody who has attended a lecture, a news conference or a business meeting in the past decade has probably endured the following scenario.

You forget to turn your cell phone off, it blares your Super Mario Brothers ringtone and you have a split second to decide whether to suffer the embarrassment of reaching into your pocket to turn it off or let it ring and hope nobody realizes it's yours.

Those situations are always painful, yet they pale in comparison to the cell phone mishap that ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb endured earlier this week. Gottlieb's cell phone rang as he was explaining his Final Four picks on live TV, leaving him no choice but to reach into the breast pocket of his suit, fumble for the phone and attempt to shut it off all without losing his train of thought.

Host David Lloyd finally comes to a stammering Gottlieb's rescue, grabbing the phone from him and taking it offset. Gottlieb, to his credit, laughs at himself as best he can and then goes on to finish his point.

The phone going off was just the culmination of a hard-luck 60 seconds for the usually polished, professional Gottlieb. He also struggles with a touch screen TV, opening the segment by having it turn into a non-functioning "SportsCenter" logo and then later accidentally selecting the wrong team to advance to the title game.

About the only thing that could have made it worse for Gottlieb is if he'd had a less traditional ringtone. The Oklahoma State fight song or the theme to "Mission Impossible" would have been a nice touch.

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