Alex Tyus floats back to reality, Florida

Of all the curious choices we saw in regard to players leaving school to dabble in some Draft dreams (and boy were there plenty this season), Florida forward Alex Tyus was at the top of my "huh?" list.

Tyus is a formidable college player, but to tab him "underdeveloped" as a junior would be somewhat of a compliment. He needs to improve nearly every aspect of his game (in my humblest of opinions) before he has a chance at making an NBA roster.

To put it kindly: Al Horford, he is not.

But, fortunately, after seeking out professional advice and finding out where he fit in this year's Draft, the 6-8, 220-pound Tyus will go back to Gainesville and be part of a team that will now return all five starters from this 2010's tournament squad.

So much for what Pops thought.

Tyus averaged 11.8 points and 6.9 boards per game last year, but I'm telling you he's capable of 18 and 12 per game. Would love to see him get to those numbers next year. If it happens, and if he leads Florida to a better seed and some more March success, he could be a guaranteed first-rounder.

Florida went 21-13 in 2009-10, was a bubble team from February on and lost in the first round in double overtime against No. 7 BYU, which just found out it's key player passed on NBA dreams, as it's getting Jimmer Fredette back next season.

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