Adorable sixth-grade rap song by Indiana guard Yogi Ferrell hits YouTube

In a dusty box in someone's attic or basement, there may still be video of my sixth-grade talent show lurking on a mid-90s vintage camcorder.

I pray it never makes it to YouTube because I'm sure it's 100 times more cringe-worthy than this classic video of Indiana point guard Yogi Ferrell rapping in sixth grade.

According to the person who uploaded the song this week, Park Tudor School had a business fair seven years ago at which every student had to sell a product. Ferrell's product was apparently the above rap song, and it's probably safe to assume he didn't sell too many copies except to sympathetic family members.

Finding the right adjectives to describe the self-written song is not easy, but I'm going to go with adorably awful. Seventy percent of the lyrics are inaudible, but you can definitely here him say at the 26-second mark, "I wanna play for Duke …"

Thankfully for Indiana fans, Ferrell changed his mind in high school. And thankfully for Ferrell, he chose to focus on basketball instead of music.

(Thanks, College Basketball Talk)

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