Adidas unveils new looks for its 10 flagship programs this March

Backlash against Adidas' sleeved jerseys didn't stop the shoe-apparel giant from reintroducing the look for its flagship college basketball programs this March.

Adidas unveiled short-sleeved jerseys on Thursday for UCLA, Baylor, Louisville and Cincinnati. Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Notre Dame and Indiana also received updated looks but were spared the indignity of having to wear the sleeved jerseys.

Each of the programs will wear the jerseys during their first conference tournament games next week. They'll have the option of sticking with the look the rest of March or ditching it afterward. 

While the color schemes for Baylor, Notre Dame and UCLA are a break from tradition, the appearance of this year's set of jerseys is a huge improvement over last year -- sleeves or no sleeves. Last March, Adidas rolled out garish short-sleeved Zubaz-print jerseys for six of its programs to wear during conference tournaments and the NCAA tournament.

The most notable of this year's new looks is Baylor's, which features the phrase "Sic'Em Bears" on the front where the school's name would normally be. The slogan stems from the "Sic'Em Bears" yell that has been popular among Baylor fans for decades.

Adidas probably shouldn't have wasted too much time designing postseason jerseys for a few of its schools, however.

Neither Notre Dame nor Indiana are NCAA tournament contenders and both could have short stays in their respective conference tournaments. Tennessee is also no NCAA tournament lock, though the Vols have looked better of late. 

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