The 10 best Jimmer signs from BYU’s first two tourney games

DENVER — For the final few minutes of BYU's surprisingly stress-free 89-67 thrashing of Gonzaga on Saturday night, enthusiastic, blue-and-white-clad Cougars fans made the Pepsi Center feel like the Mariott Center back in Provo.

They descended on the lower bowl when impartial fans vacated their seats. They launched into separate chants of "Sweet 16" and "You got Jimmered." And, of course, they waved dozens of homemade signs celebrating another masterful 34-point performance from national player of the year favorite.

"We had a great atmosphere," Jimmer Fredette said. "To look up in the stands and see all these signs, see us win and have everybody cheering for you at the end, it's a special moment."

The BYU star said after the game that his favorite sign this weekend was one that read "Fredette about it." Here are my 10 favorite from BYU's victories over Wofford and Gonzaga this week in Denver.

1. "John Stockton is really here to see Jimmer."

2. "Physics says NO. Jimmer says YES."

3. "Jimmer Crossing, Brace Yourself."

4. "Romney/Jimmer, 2012. Jimmer/Romney, 2012."

5. "Cougs bring style ... And today's fashion is Jimmer." {YSP:MORE}

6. "Jimmerica: Land of the three, Home of the shaved."

7. "It's Peanut Butter Jimmer Time."

8. "Gonzaga, a bunch of Jimmerish."

9. "Who needs 7 footers when you can have 27 footers?"

10. "Happy St. Jimmer Day."

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