UTEP unveils a subtle yet distinctive new basketball floor to rave reviews

The latest school to redesign its basketball floor managed to accomplish something very few of its predecessors can boast.

They struck the perfect balance between bold and understated.

UTEP women's basketball associate head coach Ewa Laskowska tweeted a rendering of the school's new floor featuring a pair of large pickaxes framing the traditional UTEP logo at midcourt. Since the pickaxes appear to have been created via a darker shade of stain on the wood, they're distinctive enough for TV viewers to instantly know they're watching a game at UTEP without being overly distracting.

In the three years since Oregon's fir tree-framed floor launched the trend of jazzing up basketball courts with creative designs, there have been plenty of hits and misses.

George Washington's D.C. monuments? A home run. Florida International's beach towel-themed court? A tacky swing and a miss. Long Beach State's palm trees? A solid base hit. Central Florida's blacktop court? Gross.

Whereas many of the new floors initially drew mixed reviews at best, UTEP's design received an almost universally enthusiastic response on Twitter on Thursday. The subtle design is a source of pride rather than a source of embarrassment.