Tim Shelton shows off rap skills in ‘Aztec Motto’

San Diego State center Tim Shelton's greatest accomplishment with his latest Aztecs-themed music video may be winning over his head coach.

"I did see it and I thought it was terrific," said 66-year-old Steve Fisher, who admits his musical taste typically gravitate more toward the Everly Brothers and Elvis Presley than hip-hop.

Shelton deserves the compliments for writing and recording "Aztec Motto," which features a beat from Drake's "Take Care" and plenty of cameos from his teammates and San Diego State's student section, "The Show." The video debuted on the jumbotron at Viejas Arena just before San Diego State's huge win over UNLV on Saturday and received thunderous applause from the fans in attendance.

What separates "Aztec Motto" from other songs written by basketball players is that the production value and the lyrics are, well, pretty good.

A sampling from one of Shelton's verses: "One stop, need one stop. X-Thames got defense on lock. That's a charge ref. I don't get blocks. J-Frank off the glass, that's the top spot. And from the chorus: "Black. Red. I believe that we — nuff said. Win win win. Cut down nets. A-Z-T-E-C got next."

This is Shelton's second Aztecs-themed rap. Last year, the fifth-year senior made a song called "Game Time Ready" that became an anthem for San Diego State's 34-win season that ended with a narrow loss to eventual national champion UConn in the Sweet 16.