Taylor University students star once again in one of college basketball’s best traditions

Kyle Ringo

Wait a second. Were those three guys in a cardboard fire truck? What's the deal with the guy in a walking boot and crutches? Is that a costume or not? How about the cute kid at center court chasing the balloon.

You never know what you might see each year the Friday night before finals week at Taylor University. It's the place to be for the 'Silent Night' basketball game.

In case you've been living on another planet, Taylor students come to the game in costumes and sit in silence until the 10th point is scored when they erupt in mayhem and literally take over the court.

Bet you've never seen students rush the court with most of the first half still to be played.

It happened Friday. It looked fun. Taylor beat Indiana-Dabney 94-72.

Later, after they settle themselves down and get back to their seats, or standing positions, they sing 'Silent Night' in unison. Good luck with your finals Trojans.

(H/T CollegeBasketballTalk)

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