A side-by-side comparison of Thomas Robinson and Anthony Davis

Jeff Eisenberg

If college basketball's national of player of the year race were a distance race, then it's time for either Kansas forward Thomas Robinson or Kentucky forward Anthony Davis to deliver a decisive finishing kick.

Robinson has been among the leaders since before the start of conference play because of his consistency as a low-post scorer and rebounder. Davis has caught up with Robinson as a result of a late-season scoring surge to complement his game-changing defense.

According to ESPN.com's most recent straw poll of voters, Davis holds a slim 146-143 lead on Robinson with versatile Michigan State senior Draymond Green a distant third with 36 points. Green has made headway in recent weeks thanks to his role in spearheading the Spartans' Big Ten title push, but he'd be a clear third on my ballot too at the moment.

My vote as of today would be for Davis because I think his defensive brilliance outweighs Robinson's diminishing edge in scoring output. Here's a head-to-head comparison chart between the two that only further illustrates just how difficult it is to favor one over the other: