An Ohio University T-shirt even Buckeyes fans may want

When Morehead State printed a clever T-shirt commemorating its opening-round upset of Louisville last March, many of the online orders came from email addresses with UKfan or GoBigBlue in them.

Expect Ohio State fans to have similar interest in the new T-shirt Ohio University unveiled this week.

In the wake of its upset victory over fourth-seeded Michigan on Friday, Sweet 16-bound Ohio is selling a T-shirt that reads "MichiGone" on the front and "Now you know! We are OHIO" on the back. On the page where fans can purchase the T-shirt, the Ohio University College Book Store notes the latter slogan is a reference to Michigan coaches Brady Hoke and John Beilein taking a jab at rival Ohio State by referring to them as merely "Ohio" this year.

Those folks up in Ann Arbor seem to have been confused lately, frequently referring to a certain other school in our state as "Ohio" when well all know there's only one Ohio!

Well, now that the Bobcats have defeated them in the NCAA basketball tournament, we bet they know our name now! And if they don't, well, maybe you can help remind them by proudly wearing this shirt.

The T-shirt adds to the March misery for a Michigan team whose NCAA tournament could not possibly be going worse. Not only did the co-Big Ten champion Wolverines fail to win a single game, rivals Michigan State and Ohio State are in the Sweet 16, as are three other teams from the state of Ohio.

In addition to the "MichiGone" shirts, Ohio made a few other shirt designs available after beating South Florida to make its first Sweet 16 since the tournament field expanded to 64 teams. There's a "Brackets Busted" shirt and one that just reads "Sweet" with a Bobcats logo underneath.

The only thing missing is a T-shirt commemorating Sunday's South Florida win, but it's pretty understandable the Bobcats decided to skip it. A "South FloriDone" slogan just doesn't have the same appeal.

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