‘We are Mizzou’ video inspires a clever satirical Kansas rebuttal

Jeff Eisenberg

Whether it's Missouri fans printing T-shirts championing a Civil War raid as "scoreboard" or Kansas declaring victory by forfeit in the rivalry after Missouri announced it was SEC-bound, the Border War has produced some memorable pranks.

Rarely, however, has there been a more decisive victory for one fan base than the viral video battle in advance of Saturday's matchup in Columbia.

On Friday, three Missouri students released a song titled "We Are Mizzou," a lighthearted pro-Tigers, anti-Jayhawks rap anthem replete with trite lyrics, awkward dancing and lots and lots of Auto-Tune. Nearly 200,000 people viewed the video on YouTube by Tuesday afternoon, prompting a clever satiric rebuttal from three Kansas students entitled "We Are KU."

Everything about the Kansas video is pretty hilarious, from the identical opening sequence, to the matching jerseys and backward caps, to the gratuitous jabs at Missouri for never having made a Final Four. And of course, the Kansas students can't resist pointing out that the Jayhawks lead the all-time basketball series with Missouri 171-94.

Pranks like this are a reminder why it would be an absolute shame to see the Border War rivalry between Kansas and Missouri disappear after this season. Missouri is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC beginning next fall and Kansas has threatened not to renew the series in the future.

The only part the Kansas students get wrong is when they say that their school "would never back out of a 100-year rivalry." There was a time when both schools were looking to abandon the Big 12 at any cost. The sooner the two rivals put aside their differences and extend the series, the better for everyone.

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