Meet Kansas’ 5-year-old future PA announcer

One of the only things I dread when attending San Francisco Giants games occurs in the bottom of the third inning.

That's when public address announcer Renel Brooks-Moon cedes the mic to the lucky 5- or 6-year-old who gets to introduce the next three Giants batters. Inevitably, the kid will butcher the names, freeze up on the microphone or generally sound as though his or her parents forced him into this.

Memories of that made me skeptical when I clicked on the YouTube clip Kansas forward Thomas Robinson tweeted on Monday, but now I'm very glad I did. The video shows very enthusiastic 5-year-old Kansas fan Nick Sprecker belting out the Jayhawks' 2011-12 starting lineup with as much passion as any college or NBA PA announcer.

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Arika Sprecker, Nick's mom, said her son has been imitating Kansas PA announcer Eric Danielson all season; she decided to finally record it a few days ago.

"Many of Nick's little inflections, including the Eeeeeelijah Johnson, are pretty close mimics," she wrote via email. "It's a great time to be a Jayhawk, and experiencing this season with our little fan has been a fabulous treat."

Hopefully Kansas tracks Nick Sprecker down, flies him to New Orleans and has him do the lineups for the Jayhawks' Final Four matchup on Saturday against Ohio State.

And if that doesn't happen, then someone please get him to San Francisco. The Giants' home opener is April 13 against Pittsburgh, and the bottom of the third inning belongs to him.

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