Mayhem in Lexington includes car plowing into bar and grill’s patio

Not long before tipoff of college basketball's national title game Monday night, a girl in the Kentucky student section waved a sign that surely made the school's administration cringe.

It read, "Couches Burning Soon," a prediction that proved true yet also undersold the mayhem that ensued after fans flooded the streets of Lexington when Kentucky captured its first championship in 14 years with a 67-59 victory over Kansas.

One man was wounded by gunfire, though reportedly his injuries weren't life-threatening. Dozens of others were arrested for public drunkenness or disorderly conduct after allegedly doing anything from instigating fights, to setting fire to a firetruck, to flipping over cars And then there was the ultimate example of the chaos: The person who crashed their car into the patio at a Lexington bar.

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Cheapside Bar & Grill owner Ryan Feheley said Tuesday morning the accident occurred a little after 11 p.m. on Monday night. Only the metal and brick wall surrounding the patio prevented any patrons from getting injured by the vehicle.

"It's a miracle nobody was hurt," Feheley said. "It was just one car coming around a corner and one car ran a red light, 17-year-old kid. We got really lucky. Dodged a bullet on that one.

"I like to say nothing surprises me anymore, but that one kind of did."

Stories like these are becoming all too common after major sports championships, but they shouldn't overshadow the fact that the rioters are exception and not the norm. The vast majority of Lexington residents celebrated Kentucky's championship without feeling the need to destroy anything or to put other's lives in danger.

Feheley said the rest of the revelry he witnessed Monday night was peaceful. Good thing too because a car careening through the patio is more than enough excitement for one night.

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