Marquette coach Buzz Williams screamed himself hoarse (video)

Chris Chase
The Dagger: College Basketball Blog

After his team's victory over sixth-seeded Murray State in the third round of the NCAA tournament, Marquette star Jae Crowder explained that the relaxed attitude of his coach, Buzz Williams, played a big role in the team maintaining its composure.

"Even in the timeout when they made runs, he never lost his mind," Crowder told reporters after the 62-53 win. "He even told us to come closer sometimes. He didn't want to scream, he didn't want to yell."

That's probably because he couldn't.

As viewers found out later, Williams went hoarse from screaming during his team's win. He could barely speak in a whisper during his postgame interview with CBS's Lesley Visser.

During a second-half timeout, cameras showed Williams writing out the names of plays on a dry erase board.

The raspy tone was understandable. When your shirt and tie are that loud, the voice doesn't need to work as hard.

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