Lehigh’s upset over Duke now has a commemorative rap song

These days it isn't enough to merely print a T-shirt commemorating your school's massive opening-round NCAA tournament upset.

Now a rap video is also a necessity.

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Class of 2007 Lehigh alum Courtney Leffall, better known as DJ Hump, agreed last week that if the 15th-seeded Mountainhawks upset second-seeded Duke last Friday, he'd make freestyle rap about it. Well, Lehigh fulfilled its end of the bargain, so Leffall did as well, releasing an entire song about the victory.

What "Lehigh Beat Duke" lacks in the ingenuity of its title or chorus, it makes up for with some fairly clever lyrics. Among the gems:

• "When we won, we just played it cool. Duke? That was my safety school"

• "Mountainhawks, stand up. We beat Duke. And Lafayette still sucks."

• "Charles Barkley gave C.J. approval. Lehigh's the No. 1 search on Google."

Lehigh's run ended Sunday when 10th-seeded Xavier overcame an early double-digit deficit and advanced to the Sweet 16. Good thing too because the world probably isn't ready for a "Lehigh Beat Xavier" song.

(Thanks, College Basketball Talk)

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