Kentucky’s last-ditch inbound pass gets stuck in Arkansas scoreboard (Video)

Two rare plays occurred in the final second of Arkansas' upset of No. 13 Kentucky in college basketball game Tuesday night, a buzzer-beating dunk and a sticky scoreboard situation.

The Razorbacks took the lead on a put-back dunk from sophomore guard Michael Qualls with .2 seconds showing on the clock.After the pandemonium from the celebration had been settled down, Kentucky had an opportunity for some heroics of its own trailing 87-85.

NCAA rules say that with .3 seconds or less there is only enough time for a player to tip in a ball. It can't be caught and shot in that time.

So Kentucky was left to try to inbound the ball from the opposite end of the court for a tip-in to win or tie. Had the Wildcats pulled it off, it would have been, perhaps, the biggest miracle in the history of the college game considering the distance the pass needed to travel.

Freshman Aaron Harrison was given the inbounding responsibility. He heaved the ball toward the opposite end of the court but it never got that far. Harrison put too much air beneath it and it got caught in the suspended scoreboard at midcourt at Bud Walton Arena.

It was the second I've-never-seen-that-before moment from the same second of game time.

The play goes as a turnover. Arkansas was able to inbound the ball and run out the clock to end the game.

When it was over, Harrison and an Arkansas fan got into an argument and had to separated by Kentucky coach Orlando Antigua.