Getting to know the 2012 Final Four: Kansas

Chris Chase
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This week, The Dagger takes a deeper look at each of the four schools participating in the 2012 Final Four. After previously looking at LouisvilleKentucky and Ohio State, we conclude with Kansas.

Location: Lawrence, Kan.

Enrollment: 29,462

Team Mascot: Jayhawks

How they got to New Orleans: d. No. 15 Detroit (65-50), d. No. 10 Purdue (63-60), d. No. 11 NC State (60-57), d. No. 1 North Carolina (80-57)

Greatest basketball moment: Danny Manning has one of the most dominant NCAA tournaments ever and leads Kansas to the 1988 national championship.

Reason to root for them:Thomas Robinson

Reason to root against them: Sick of hearing "Carry on My Wayward Son" on Pandora.

Two quotes from my godfather, KU class of 1951: 1. "I'll be relaxed on Saturday since I never expected them to make it this far." 2. "Bill Self deserves to be coach of the year. He lost six of his seven best players from last year's team."

Available Final Final swag items on team website: 17, seven of which are drinking receptacles of some kind. Rock, chug, jayhawk.

KU alumni actors: Don Johnson, Paul Rudd, Scott Bakula, Mandy Patinkin, the mom from "Boy Meets World." All I can say is, I'd totally watch that movie.

Smart quote to make others think you've been following Kansas all along: "If Tyshawn Taylor can rein in his Tyshawn influences for long enough, Kansas has a real chance this weekend."

What not to say at your Final Four party: "Kansas should play Missouri in basketball next year. The Tigers deserve the charity."

What Clark Kellogg will probably say about Kansas: "SPURTABILITY AND COMBUSTIBILITY AND RAW ABILITY, JIM."

Chances of winning it all: Both Kansas and Ohio State fans will be actively rooting for Louisville in the first game on Saturday. If the Cardinals make it to the finals, Kansas would be a favorite. If Kentucky makes it?

Jim Nantz's most likely scripted line if they do: He already said "rock, chalk, championship," in 2008. Look for a "Wizard of Oz" reference this time around.

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