Facebook fun: Duke fans are more likely to be friends with North Carolina fans than other Dukies

Our friends at Facebook have been slicing and dicing their data for us and their latest look at the social implications of the NCAA tournament is a cool one: If you're a fan of a certain team, which school's fandoms are most frequently represented among your friend list?

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As you might imagine, like usually attracts like. As seen in the breakdowns below, a majority of fans are usually most frequently friends with fans who share their favorite school. But not always. Fans of Duke, for example, have more "common fan friends" that wear Tar Heel blue than self-identify as a Cameron Crazy.

Missouri fans also have more friends that identify themselves as Kansas fans, though the Jayhawks don't return the favor. In fact, it looks like a majority of KU fans aren't accepting friend requests from across the border because Mizzou is not among the top five most common fan friends of Kansas fans. That's what the Tigers get for fleeing to the SEC, we suppose.

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You can see a breakdown of 67 teams* from the tournament field below and which schools they most often consort with. What data points and relationships stand out to you?

* South Dakota State was not included in this analysis because of its low number of 'likes'

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