Eleven more teams will don alternate jerseys like what Gonzaga wore Saturday

Anyone who cringed at the sight of the alternate jerseys Gonzaga debuted Saturday night at Butler probably isn't going to like this news.

You're going to be seeing a lot more of them the next few weeks.

Nike announced this past weekend that eight more men's and three women's teams will don similar jerseys for key road games this season. The jersey features each team's midcourt logo on the center chest and the name of the team's mascot on the back where players' last names typically would be.

Although Nike has yet to release images of any of the designs besides Gonzaga's, a poster on a Michigan State message board appears to have uncovered photos of the rest of the jerseys select men's programs will be wearing.

Nike has yet to confirm the designs are legit, but they're identical to the ones Gonzaga wore Saturday. Plus, the eight men's teams Nike announced will don the jerseys in addition to Gonzaga are each among the nine designs unearthed. Here's a look at each design along with the date each team will wear them:

Jan. 30: Villanova
Jan. 30: USC
Feb. 5: Ohio State
Feb. 9: North Carolina
Feb. 12: Kentucky
Feb. 15: Georgetown
Feb. 16: Duke
Feb. 16: Texas

(There's also a design for Michigan State, but Nike has not specified when or if the Spartans will wear it this season)

The problem I have with this jersey design is the same as most TV viewers had Saturday night: They look more like practice gear than game uniforms. I appreciate that Nike chose to stick with each school's traditional colors rather than going gray the way we saw so often last season, but the tops in particular look better suited for shootaround.

The whole look actually resembles one of the biggest uniform missteps in recent college hoops history: These Joe Forte-era 1999-2000 North Carolina jerseys with an interlocking NC on the chest.

Popular opinion forced Nike to scrap those after one season. Now it looks like the style is making an unfortunate comeback.