Division II guard delivers easily the dunk of the summer so far

Jeff Eisenberg

It's only mid-July, but the competition for best dunk of the summer is all but over.

Guard Angelo Sharpless of Division II Elizabeth City State University laid claim to that title with an incredible dunk straight out of NBA Jam during a Ben Wallace Summer Pro-Am game in Richmond this past weekend.

Sharpless beat the lone man between him and the rim in transition by bouncing the ball high off the floor over the defender's head, running around him and smoothly slamming it home with one hand. The move earned Sharpless a standing ovation from the stunned fans in the bleachers.

While Sharpless has never pulled off a move like that during a game before, the 6-foot-4 junior has a reputation for high-flying dunks. He averaged 15.4 points and 6.6 rebounds per game for Elizabeth City last season, doing much of his damage on offensive rebounds or in transition.

Sharpless' handle on Twitter is JumpmamLo24. Needless to say, he has the athleticism and creativity to live up to a name like that.

(Thanks, Scouts Focus)

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