Chane Behanan dozes off and nine other great photos from Louisville’s White House visit

President Obama's best one-liner from his speech during Louisville's visit to the White House on Tuesday afternoon came as he was lamenting not picking the Cardinals to win the championship in his bracket.

"I had the Cardinals in the title game, but I guess I discounted the motivational power of making your 60-year-old coach promise to get a tattoo [if you win]," Obama said.

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"I have to hand it to you, Coach. You did not chicken out, you kept your word and in return you got something that will stay with you forever: A shirtless picture of you on the internet."

The tattoo jokes were just one of several quips from President Obama that had Louisville players and coaches chuckling on stage behind him. From shouting out walk-on Tim Henderson for his key threes against Wichita State, to ribbing Rick Pitino about his horse's disappointing Kentucky Derby, to calling Russ Smith by his nickname "Russdiculous," Obama hit all the right notes.

In addition to the speech itself, Louisville players and administrators posted some great photos of their White House visit on social media. Below are 10 of the best of them, beginning with Chane Behanan falling asleep as he waited for the ceremony to begin.

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