Best of Midnight Madness: Buzz Williams’ moving tribute to center Chris Otule

Midnight Madness produces some memorable moments each year, so The Dagger is chronicling the best ones from this year's lineup. If you spot something we missed, let us know here or here.

Since center Chris Otule has battled back from a torn ACL and broken bones in both of his feet to become one of the stalwarts of Marquette's frontcourt, coach Buzz Williams decided to do something special for the sixth-year senior. Williams presented Otule with the program's first lifetime achievement award during Friday night's Marquette Madness. Otule thanked the crowd for supporting him through all his injuries, but the most moving portion of the ceremony came when Williams grabbed the mic and spoke about what the 6-foot-11 graduate student meant to him. This was Williams' poignant conclusion to his five-minute speech: "The thing I'm most proud of personally is that I'm a husband and a father of four," Williams said. "The thing I will tell you that professionally I want to be known for is that I'm Chris Otule's coach.

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Buzz Williams' moving tribute to sixth-year senior Chris Otule

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