Barry Hinson’s rant includes mama’s boys, snipers, his wife’s scoring ability and house-training puppy dogs

Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson watched his team drop its fourth consecutive game and eighth of the season Tuesday night at Murray State and was so frustrated by the performance he unleashed a hilarious rant that won't soon be forgotten.

The first sign that something unusual and memorable was in the works after the 73-65 defeat came 30 seconds in when Hinson called his team soft.

"I've got a bunch of mama's boys right now," Hinson said. "We just won't buck up and bow our necks and we've got to get through that."

You can listen to Hinson's complete postgame remarks below. Thanks to OVC Ball for the original.

Hinson didn't handle the situation well, or maybe he did, depending on your perspective, but his frustration is certainly understandable. He has a team that is finding ways to lose close games this season.

Each of the past four losses and six of the Salukis' eight losses this season have been by single-digit margins. Hinson complained that his players are bowing their heads and tuning him out when he tries to coach them.

Hinson was asked about his team being outrebounded 40-29 and that's when he really got rolling.

"I've been telling my wife this for years," he said. "Size doesn't matter."

Hinson lambasted his three starting guards for having one assist and seven turnovers and began shouting when talking about his big men making two of 11 shots.

"My wife, my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because I know my wife will at least shot fake one time," he said gesturing emphatically with his right hand.

Hinson said he needs to be tougher on his players in practice by forcing them to run on treadmills and do pushups when they aren't meeting his expectations. He said if NCAA rules didn't prevent him from doing so, he would have made his team practice after the loss Tuesday.

"To me, when you've got a young team, it's a lot like house training a puppy dog," he said. "You know what, when the dog does something wrong, bad dog. I'm not going to hit 'em. I'm not going to swat 'em, but bad dog, get on the treadmill."

The rant apparently didn't go over well with some members of the Southern Illinois team. In a since-deleted tweet from late Tuesday night, forward Davante Drinkard had this to say: "I can't believe the little man had the nerve to call us mama's boys. Smh. I guess this is where Our team learns to point the finger."

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