Anthony Davis embraces attention his unibrow has received

NEW ORLEANS — Any Louisville fans hoping to get under Anthony Davis' skin Saturday night will need to find a different tactic besides harassing the Kentucky freshman with signs and chants about his infamous unibrow.

Not only is Davis not offended by the attention his unibrow has received, he insists he finds most of it hilarious.

"I just embrace it," Davis said Thursday. "The fans enjoy it and the signs are everywhere now. They've been making everything out of it. I've even seen a baby with a unibrow on Twitter. So these fans are nuts, but I love it."

What started with a few Kentucky fans making T-shirts with the silhouette of the unibrow over Davis' No. 23 has since spawned an entire cottage industry.

Numerous unibrow-themed T-shirts have popped up at Kentucky home games with slogans like "Brow down," "Bow to the brow" and "Fear the Brow." More adventurous fans have shaved a replica unibrow into their chest hair or drawn unibrows onto their face in permanent black marker. Davis' mother even got into the movement during the SEC tournament in New Orleans when she wore a Mardi Gras-themed mask to the title game with a drawn-on-brow over the eye holes.

Davis experienced the popularity of his monobrowistic look firsthand during the South Regional in Atlanta when a young girl approached him as he walked back to Kentucky's team hotel.

"She got on her knees and bowed down to me like I was a king and said, 'Bow to the Brow.' She was like 5 or 6," Davis told The Associated Press. "I just started laughing."

The funniest unibrow-themed signs Davis has seen are on the road, including one at Florida with his face side-by-side with a picture of the Sesame Street muppet Bert.

"It was hilarious," Davis said. "I was crying. That's probably the best one I've seen all year."

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