Wayne Gretzky finally explains meaning behind ‘The Great One’ nickname

He was only 10 years old, but Wayne Gretzky will forever be known as the ‘The Great One’

Wayne Gretzky joins The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the playoffs and how we can begin to consider this Blackhawks team as a dynasty. Gretzky also weighs in on the best player right now, the best player he’s ever matched up against and how he got his nickname as a 10 year old playing youth hockey.

“I was 10 years old when a reporter friend from a little town gave me that nickname,” Gretzky explains to Patrick. “It stuck forever. I never got a different one and I’ve never had anything else but that. Sometimes if I had a bad game or I didn’t do well there’d be somebody that might say, ‘He’s The Good One not The Great One.’”