Watt not surprised by Schaub incident: ‘Sometimes fans follow me home’

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Matt Schaub will be the Texans’ starter for the Week 6 matchup against the Rams but that decision was “real tough” for head coach Gary Kubiak. And Schaub understands why. “Absolutely. Rightfully so,” Schaub said on Wednesday. “He’s the coach, he’s got to make the decisions that are best for this football team, first and foremost, and I understand that better than anybody.”

Schaub has thrown nine interceptions in five weeks. He has thrown a pick-6 in each of the last four weeks. And opponents have scored 52 points off Schaub’s turnovers alone. That’s not good enough for a team that came into the season with serious Super Bowl aspirations. The Texans are 2-3 and after five weeks are two full games behind the Colts in the AFC South.

“I need to be better and I’ll be the first to admit that,” Schaub said. “So I can understand why he was torn in that decision. But I have confidence in my abilities and him deciding to start me this week, let’s go play ball.” If Schaub wasn’t the starter this Sunday against the Rams at Reliant Stadium, T.J. Yates would have been. Yates has been Schaub’s backup for several years and even led the franchise to its first-ever playoff win two years ago.

Yates said that the possibility of starting on Sunday crossed his mind but his preparation for this week hasn’t changed. In fact, he said it’s pretty much business as usual and the team, especially the quarterbacks, are working to keep it that way for Schaub.

“We don’t want him to think anything else is wrong or has changed,” Yates said. “Everybody still has the same confidence in him. We want him to know that. We want him to think that. We try to keep things as normal as possible.”

Schaub has been criticized heavily in the past several weeks in Houston and around the country. His abilities have been questioned, his jersey has been burned and a report about fans visiting his house have surfaced.

But the Texans are trying to make it business as usual.

“Once we get into our quarterback room, the outside world is shut off,” Yates said. “We’re the same guys, we joke around. We study hard, we work hard all the time. It’s the same once we’re in that quarterback room together because that’s what this whole team is really going for this whole week: the outside world doesn’t mean anything. It’s all about us in this room and this organization playing for each other. All the outside influences don’t mean anything.”

Schaub said it’s not too difficult to stay away from the noise. His three young daughters keep him busy when he’s home.

Kubiak said he was somewhat worried about his quarterback’s confidence and said that the only way to restore that confidence is to play another game. Schaub is looking forward to playing Sunday already. “Let’s go play tomorrow morning,” he said.

The confidence from his coach means a lot to Schaub. Kubiak is considered a players’ coach by many and he showed it by sticking with his embattled quarterback.

Kubiak said it was a tough decision but Schaub claims he wasn’t worried.

“I’m the starting quarterback of this team,” he said. “I’ve worked really hard to be in this position, to be the quarterback of this team. So my focus is to go out and give my team a chance to win on Sunday.”

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